Update your Contact Details

    Please take a moment to complete this short form to update your contact details. This will ensure that the contact details we hold for you remain up to date.

    It is especially important that we hold your current mobile telephone number on your record, and that you let us know if this number changes particularly for teenagers and young people who may have the contact details for their parent or carer on their record.

    Woolpit Health Centre communicates with patients in lots of ways. Since the pandemic we are using text messages more.

    Should a clinician need to speak to a patient about a hospital letter, blood result or other clinical matter, the clinician may send the patient a text message alerting them.

    These texts may contain some personal clinical information but will always contain the least amount of clinical information needed to convey the message accurately and quickly to the patient.

    Having read the information above, do you give consent for us to send you SMS messages? *

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