24-hour Pharmacy Collection Sign Up Form

24 Hour Prescription Collection Service coming to Woolpit Health Centre Pharmacy.

If you have medication dispensed by Woolpit Health Centre Pharmacy, you can now opt to collect your medication from our new 24-hour prescription collection service.

Simply sign up using the form below, order your prescription then inform the Pharmacy team if you wish to have your medication collected from the 24-hour collection service.

Once we have received your prescription and prepared your medication, we’ll send you a unique 8-digit number pin code, where you will be able to collect your medication from the machine at any point of the day that suits you best.

Not every prescription item is suitable for collection from the collection point.

For example, refrigerated items and controlled drugs wouldn’t be able to be collected from the 24-hour collection point.

A member of the pharmacy team will contact you if this affects you and you have requested for your prescription to be collected from the machine.

Our Prescription Collection Machine patient quota is now full, therefore we are not currently accepting any new registrations. We are continually reviewing the usage of the collection machine and the form will be available once we have enough capacity to register new patients.