Research Active Practice

Woolpit Health Centre is a member of the East Anglian Primary Care Research Network as a ‘Research Active Practice’.

This means that our patients, if suitable, may be asked to take part in clinical trials for new drugs or new uses of existing drugs to further our understanding of how best to treat certain conditions. By doing this research in a General Practice setting, rather than just in hospital patients, the results of a clinical trial can be more easily applied to the whole UK population rather than just to select groups.

The research is led by Dr West and Dr Ridsdill-Smith, who identify patients who have the characteristics that the trial investigators are looking for. They then approach patients to see if they would be interested in joining the trial and meeting our research nurse.

We believe that patients who participate in research studies benefit from doing so. Patients who decide that they do not want to take part are totally at liberty to do so, and for these patients we will continue to treat them in line with current best practice.

CLIMB – University of Cambridge NHS/HSC Health Data Consent Survey

This study is an online anonymous survey of public opinion on the ways in which national health service data should be shared between health providers or restricted: The primary objective of this study is to establish public views on the sharing of identified health data (for clinical purposes) and de-identified health data (for research) across the UK by means of a national survey.

The live survey can be found at:


GLoWGlucose Lowering Through Weight management


Type 2 diabetes is typically characterised as an irreversible condition. However, there is evidence that people with type 2 diabetes can achieve good glucose control or even remission through weight loss. This trial will looks at whether a tailored behavioural weight management programme achieves better glucose control than education alone and whether any improvements in health and wellbeing justify the higher cost of the programme.



ATTACKAspirin To Target Arterial Events in Chronic Kidney Disease


It is estimated that there are at least 5million people with chronic kidney disease in the UK that are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease – this trial should give the evidence required to prove one way or the other whether aspirin should be offered to our patients with chronic kidney disease to prevent heart disease or a stroke.