Reception Enquires

What is a Care Navigator?

Care navigators work in practice reception teams and are specially trained to know about the care and services available to you at your surgery and in your area. While the name of this role may differ across some practices, they’ll listen and talk to you in confidence about your health problem, to understand your needs, so they can signpost you to the right healthcare professional or service.

What can Care navigators help with?

  • Help patients get the right care from the right healthcare professional as soon as possible.
  • Know whether self-referral is available for certain services at your practice or in your area.
  • Make appointments for new kinds of care or new services you may not be aware of.
  • Access the appropriate healthcare professional.

Results of Tests and Investigations

We will contact you by telephone, or by letter, only if a result is abnormal and you require treatment or further investigations. You will not be contacted if your result is normal.

To preserve confidentiality, results may only be given directly to the patient or to the parents of minors.

You will be asked for some personal details when calling, this is to confirm your identity. The receptionist has the right to refuse the release of medical information if they feel that it does not pertain to the person calling.

If you wish to enquire about the results of your tests please telephone 01359 240298 option 4 after 11:00am or complete an eConsult by clicking the below link


Tests arranged by your Hospital Consultant

If your test has been carried out at a Clinic or Hospital please call the Clinic or Hospital for the result, as we cannot action tests which have been requested by other Clinicians.