Prospective Record Access

    1. Are you completing this questionnaire for yourself?

    2. Can you read and understand English ?

    3. After you have been to the doctor or to the hospital, you can check if the encounter has been recorded and what was discussed. Do you agree this is a good reason to have access to your records?

    4. There may be an instance when accessing your medical records online, whereby you read some information that could be shocking or upsetting. What do you do if this happens and you cannot speak to your doctor/nurse immediately? Please tick all options that apply.

    5. You see a new letter has arrived in your electronic health record. You open up the letter to find it is about another patient in the practice. What do you do?

    6. Would it upset you if you read something somebody else has said about you with regards to your health? This does NOT mean others can see your record without your permission.

    7. Do you feel you understand what Record Access means?